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New here Thanks for the invite [04 Jan 2012|10:53pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

It's nice to have a place where I can listen to other people that suffer from Night terrors like me. My name is Angel and I suffer from chronic Night Terrors PTSD related, Also I have a severe fear of the dark. Many other issues follow like insomnia and anxiety. I hope I can meet lots of people here and make friends :3 

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[01 Mar 2009|02:46pm]

I almost had a heart attack last night.

I was just lying there (with my bedside lamp on) when I suddenly felt this ominous presence in my room. I saw something dart around the side of my bed and I freaked out. I bolted upright, ran out of my room and into my parents' bedroom and turned on their light.

I remember getting up and sort of remember running down the hall, but I don't remember opening my own door or turning on the light in my parents' bedroom. I just remember standing there and the light was on and my mom was already getting out of bed and I was thinking "They're already awake?"

My dad was pretty annoyed and my mom walked me back to my room and asked me what I saw. "A girl," I said, pointing to the side of my bed, "She came around that way", but I didn't really see a girl, I only felt it. I didn't really see anything, I just had this sense that it was a girl and then of course the blinding panic.

My mom checked my room for me even though I knew by now that there was nothing there and that's when I suddenly realized my heart was pounding in my chest, going a mile a minute. It was insane.

Before I went back to bed I took down this picture of flowers hanging up in my room because I remembered that I looked at it while I was half asleep and I saw myself sleeping in it and two people staring at me from above. (Not like an actual image, but composed of the silvery flower bits in the picture)

I also kept getting a strange feeling every time I looked over at the metal part sticking up on the top of my lampshade. It was quite unsettling.

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Walking Through Night Terrors [17 Feb 2009|10:57pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So I had this nightmare a few months ago, I was walking with a friend back home from what looked like an expanded version of the back of elementary school down the street from where I live. We were walking over the jagged rocks and over to the left there was a guy  named Nick Dieugenio who goes to my old high school. He looks at us with his lime green binder in hand (just like at school) and waves. We wave back, politely, and all of a sudden we see some guys up ahead. A few were wearing the parka's that the aquatic team players, like myself, wear at my old highschool. They all turned around after talking to look at us. We were about 30-40 ft. away from them. One of the guys in the parka's had the hood on and just looked up in this sick twisted way and smiled as if he were about to rape us. Then, they pull out duct-tape. I quickly got a terrible feeling in my gut that just screamed, RUN or you will be raped, and murdered by these people you've known for years. Suddenly, my friend [a girl, though I'm not sure who] gets tackled into the lake next to us [which isn't really behind the school in RL.] I guess she was talking to one of them and I hadn't noticed. They didn't emerge after that.
So I start to run the opposite direction and once they get to me, my last thought was,"I wonder if  Nick knew and was just waiting for it to happen." Then...I wake up and I have the same disgusted, sick, nervous, terrible feeling in my gut that was still screaming at me to get up and run.

Well recently I've had two dreams which were the beginning and the middle to that dream. The beginning was I was getting chased by my friend, Summer, and a bunch of her stupid bro friends [she's stupid.] . Anyway, I ended up hiding in my cabinets and killing them all. They were after my family, me and one of my friends that were with me. Then when I got to Summer, it took me like 7 tries to break her neck. (In the dream it had something to do with asians that their necks are harder to break then other race's or something weird like that.) I had started running out of my house toward the school with my friend. Then I woke up. It was disgusting watching me kill all of those people and then vividly BREAKING her neck...I was quite jolted and sweaty and shaky when I woke up.

Then a few nights later I had the middle part. I walked past Nick going up with a friend who was with me that night and in the other dream, I was climbing rocks and dirt hills behind the school and came across this cave like area. [which also isn't possible with the back of the school in RL it's just a dried up lake bed with hills...anyway...] I had just put in a t.v.,  my dressor, and my bed. I took refuge in there for quite some time and my friend stayed with me most of the time. We finally decided to come out of hiding and leave our little, beautiful camp. By then beautiful trees and plants had grown and there were flowers everywhere beyond the dirt and muck. I felt completely wrong with leaving and needed to be coaxed into leaving by my friend...then I wake up with the same feeling.

I've never experienced three dreams that all connect in any way before, it's just so wierd and It's hard for me to even get my head around the fact that all of them were equally horrifying in different ways. Now the middle one wasn't that bad but it was just weird. Has anyone else had dreams that link like this before? I didn't realize it until I decided to write my dreams down one day then after writing this one down I stopped.

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Oh Nightterrors... [07 Jan 2009|11:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I get nightmares and nightterrors almost every  night.
Some I'll kill my friends and family in the worst possible ways, multiple times.
Others I'll get raped and people will drown my friends and stuff.
One time when I was about 7 or 8 I had a night terror about babies...sitting in a white room with leaves in front of them. A lady's voice [it was always in my dreams very slow, monotone-like] said, "Ready...Go." and the babies went APE SHIT and started jumping and playing in the leaves....it was the worst dream I've ever had. I don't know why.
Now, none of my walls are white in my room, and I can't stay in a white-walled room for too long before I get anxious. Weird, I know.
I never thought of them as being "night terrors" until I stumbled upon this community =). 
Anyone else have dreams of killing people? I don't think it'd normal but maybe I'm wrong.
I do have anger issues so, maybe that's an additive to my subconscious mind screaming out when I'm unconscious lol. hmmm.

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new [05 Jan 2009|02:01am]

Hi all. 

For about a year now, I've been having really horrible nightmares.  At first, they were just normal-horrible, getting cheesy goofy "scary" things like Chucky.  No big deal, everyone has those.  I didn't mind so much when that was it.  But then they got worse.  People I knew would try to kill me, which is effecting the way I act around a lot of people.  I would have to go through elaborate means to escape death, wake up feeling sharp pains where I was hurt when I was asleep.  I would turn out the lights and hear wolves under my bed, waiting to crawl out, hear evil laughing behind my back.  It got to the point where I was sleeping with the light on and had a knife in the bed for peace of mind.  Obviously it didn't work.  I hate going to sleep.   Does anyone have any advice?

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[29 Dec 2008|12:57am]

It's that damn 2:30 wakeup call!

I've tried everything I can to lessen my chances of having a night terror, but nothing seems to work. I thought at first it was my bedroom that was freaking me out and I noticed that I tended to hallucinate more when I fell asleep on my back.

So last night I was sleeping in a different room and I was lying on my side and somehow I still ended up running out into the hallway, feeling like I couldn't breathe and that something was trying to possess me.

A few nights before I found myself staring at the wall across from me as I listened to a girl tell me about her friends. She asked if I wanted to meet them and I can't remember if I said anything, but I know I was thinking "No." Then someone said "Kimber has a lot of friends" and I snapped out of it.

The time before that I heard a male voice close to my head loudly talking about torture and had an image of a man sitting by himself out in the snow. I was thankfully awakened from that by my baby nephew's shrill cry in the other room.

These things always seem to happen between 2:15 and 2:50, most of the time around the 2:30 mark.

Srsly, is my house haunted? Or do I just have really bad luck with sleep disorders?

Being afraid of the dark and having nightmares, night terrors and hypnogogia all at once does not make for a restful night. ;_;

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[06 Dec 2008|09:23am]

i'm not sure if it's because I'm so used to sleeping with my boyfriend and I haven't this week... but for the first time in months... I'm having really bad night terrors.  They are so terrible and disturb me all day.  I can't believe this is happening again.

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[26 Nov 2008|01:05am]

Last night I got poked in the butt by one of my night terrors.

I felt something jab me and I jumped out of bed and ran out into the hallway. Then I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and I swear there was a red mark on my skin. Then I realized my room was absolutely freezing so I went to get another blanket and crawled back into my stabby bed and tried to go back to sleep.

For the record there were no springs poking up so either my ability to feel pain in dreams has crossed over into my night terrors or my room is haunted.

Either way I don't get to sleep until after 3:00 am. :(

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[17 Nov 2008|11:03pm]

Okay, so I've had night terrors ever since I was a little kid. The only problem is that as I've gotten older I've started waking up in the middle of them and remembering everything. I constantly feel like I'm possessed because I'm awake and I can see and feel things, but I have no control over my body or what I say.

Last night I had a really bad one. I sleep with my bedside lamp on because I'm still afraid of the dark (gee, I wonder why?) so my room was completely light when it happened. I could hear people talking and I had this feeling of slaves being kept by a group of people or machines and there was something about not enough oxygen. Suddenly I had this overwhelming feeling of a knife coming out and slicing off the top of everyone's head. I saw a giant blade of light swing through my room and cut through the top of the pictures on my mirror and I bolted.

The next thing I know I'm in the living room, the kitchen light is on and my dad is telling me to turn it off and go back to bed. He tells me I'm having a panic attack or something and I'm fine, not realizing that I'm not fully awake. "No, it's real," I say involuntarily and slowly my body comes back to me and I regain control of my limbs and my speech. My hands are tingling and my throat feels tight and even though I'm awake now I can't shake the feeling that there's something in the room with me.

More and more I seem to be having night terrors about knives and beams of light. I had a really scary shadow person one about a year ago, but so far it's mostly been stabbity stab. I think the scariest part for me is not remembering how I made it from my room to the living room. All the other times I remember exactly what I did.

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new. [16 Nov 2008|06:01am]

 Hi everyone!
I had a livejournal years ago but am happy to be back, determined to find support on my path to recovery, and help others struggling with the same diseases/addictions/traumas. I will post tonight on my page a summary of my first step so those of you who want to can get to know me a little better. Thank you all for being here and looking forward to sharing my experiences, struggles, strengths, and hopes.

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[07 Jul 2008|02:27pm]

Hi everyone. I'm really hoping some of you can help me here. My fiance suffers from night terrors. I'm sure they are. They are more than nightmares and he hates them. He was bullied throughout school, and whilst our loving relationship is helping him tons, he still has a lot of insecurities etc. Needless to say, he suffers with depression. He's been to the doctors about 4 times and they have been completely unhelpful. They reccomended he use St John's Wort - but it didn't help cos he needs something stronger. Anyway. That's not what I'm here for. His nightmares/terrors can be to do with anything - school, war, loosing me, etc etc. When he drinks whiskey or red wine or port before bed (only the strong drinks, not beer) then he doesn't get these nightmares. To me, the nightmares aren't neccesarily about the bullying (thought obviously it contributes), but more to do with anxiety. He runs his own business and if business is bad, the dreams are bad too.

So, getting to my question - does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this awful dreams? Perhaps how to lessen their effect, earadicate them (if only!!) etc. I'd really appreciate the help, and I know he will too.

Thank you :)

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[03 Jun 2008|08:32pm]

Hi. I guess the first thing to do is say I am new to this and really I have only spoken about my night terrors with a couple people throughout my life. I’m a 29 yr old male and I have been dealing with night terrors since I was about 5 or so. Perhaps longer but that is really when I remember dealing with them. My current girlfriend is a psych nurse and it was she who led me to this site. She is honestly the most amazing woman I have ever met and she has done so much for me since we have been together. That being said she also suffers from bipolar disorder type II. So basically we have a general concept that we try to keep between us: one person at a time with their hand in the crazy cookie jar. If we try to put both of our hands in then we are bound to get stuck. Obviously we can’t plan when her bipolar will become an issue or when my night terrors will increase in frequency, but we always try to be there for each other and take turns leaning on each other for support. Right now is one of those times where we both are fighting to get our hands out the jar. So, she thought it might help if I get things out with those who understand what I deal with.

I have always known a couple triggers of mine that greatly increase my chances for a night terror. Namely the two biggest are heat and sleeping by myself. When sleeping, I now have an industrial fan, ac, and light blankets to help deal with any heat issues. Sometimes this is not enough and when I am alone I tend to have very bad terrors. I also have been known to both talk and walk in my sleep but apparently I will not or can not open doors in my sleep so I tend to stay contained. A lot of my terrors are without a lot of information and I wake in panic with my heart racing, my nerves are shot, my hands shake and I am filled with a need to run and flee or hide somewhere. Every now and then it is more like a nightmare where I remember what the general focus of my panic and deep feelings of depression are.

It is VERY important to start learning what triggers you have. This website www.nightterrors.org has a lot of good information and I advice everyone go check it out.

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Arghhhh [08 May 2008|07:34am]

[ mood | drained ]

 Arghhhh to sleep and nightmares! I'm completely and utterly fed up with them.  I've had 2 lots of tonic clonic seizures (which happen in 3's) and now have had 3 nightmares to top it all off.  I'm sore, I ache from top to toe and now I'm shattered. I just can't be stuffed with any of this anymore... I know life has ups and downs but i'd really like an "up" at the moment. Just needed a moan!  It might be quite late in the morning for me now but its taken me several hours to calm down from infuriating to half calm but thoughtful.

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[17 Mar 2008|04:04pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

 well my first time havin one of those night terrors was bout a year ago.. i woke up from my sleep hearing my sister and her mom talkin.. and i saw this black shadow like above my head.. I could move.. I tried yellling for help but my mouth would move.. I tried to kick the wall.. nothin happened felt like I was being pulled up by that black shadow.. I started to panic started breathing really heavy.. then I fall down.. then my sister walked in.. thought I was sleep.. I started to sweat and tryin to catch her attention before she left the room.. before she went out.. i started to move again..
I finally had one of those things again this weekend.. but it was different I was over at my boyfriends spending the night.. I woke up but couldn't everything around me was fuzzy.. and I was hearin someone tryin to get in the room.. but no body else was wake in the house but me.. so I tried to kick my boyfriend but I couldn't move then he woke up and said why'd u just kick me.. I could say ne thing.. but I felt like I could move..  but I did had kicked him.. he thought i was still alseep.. so he tried to go back to bed.. then I got a hold of my body again I started to scream.. and he comforted me then I fall asleep again...

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hello there. [25 Jan 2008|11:26am]

I'm Melissa, 19 years old. 
I'm not exactly sure if what's happening to me are night terrors or what, so maybe you guys could tell me what you think.

At least every week for the past couple of months, I'd say at least since summer, I've been having these nightmares. Not nightmares, really, because I'm like half awake when they happen. Like I'm asleep and I open my eyes for no reason and I see this thing coming down on me.

I dream that a spider is gliding down it's web towards my face/chest to bite me and crawl on me...Sometimes it's huge, sometimes small, sometimes black and one time a huge wet white one. It's so scary.
They are really terrifying because I think it's real and I literally jump off my bed run out of my room screaming and I start batting myself everywhere and shaking my hair to get it out and my mom comes out of my room and I make her check my bed, but we have never found a spider. I rarely believe nothing is there and several times I've went to sleep in another room because I was so convinced something was there..
But it's like everytime I'm NOT sleeping I see a spider and I kill it. It'll be dark in my room, lights off watching a movie and I'll see a spider crawling stealthily across a heap of laundry..just a sillouhette. And I kill it or I scream for my mom. I was never afraid of spiders until I started dreaming about them, in fact I was the person people yelled for when there was a spider, cause they didn't freak me out at all. 
If these are night terrors what should I do?? I've read a little bit about changing your diet and stuff but I'm not sure...and I really don't want to have to take any pills because I already take a lot for my PCOS.

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- [22 Aug 2007|10:59pm]
[ mood | curious ]

doesnt matter,

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[13 Jun 2007|06:27am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I've only had two night terrors so far, but I am really worried about hurting myself.  The first one occured last year, but I still remember it vividly. I 'woke up' in a state of terror, convinced there was a black object in my bed. It was just this overwhelming feeling of malevolence; this creepy, evil thing.  I tore apart my bed looking for the object but couldn't find it. I remember thinking that I wasn't really awake, but I couldn't control myself, I HAD to find it.  As I stood by the bed my heart started beating dangerously fast. I could feel every pulse throughout my body. My last thought was "I'm about to die."
When I came to I was very disoriented and still terrified, and I truly thought I was dead. It was the strangest sensation. I was lying on the floor in front of the door on the other side of the room sweating madly, trying to figure out what happened. My heartbeat still felt shaky. After some research I came to believe it was a night terror.
The one last night was different in that I don't remember as much. I vaguely remember being in a panic, thinking there were people in my closet. I could see into the closet, it looked like a black void, and there were several men standing in the shadows. I couldn't see there faces at all, just the neck down. All I knew was that they were evil.  I don't remember what happened after that, but I woke up on my back on the living room floor with the taste of blood in my mouth. I'm now assuming I fled from my room and tripped over the little doggie gate that's in the doorway. My knee and chin hurt really bad, so I probably tried to break my fall. My lower teeth sliced into my upper lip. It hurts so much I don't think I'll be able to eat or talk much today. I didn't get much sleep after that. It left me feeling scared and exhausted.
My worst fear is that I'll harm myself more seriously, or even hurt one of my pets. I really hope this is just a once a year thing. I feel terrible for all of you have to experience this night after night. I wish there was a way to be rid of it.

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Question... [10 Jun 2007|12:54pm]

Hey all. This is my first post here. I'm Chris and I'm 25, and I've been having night terrors for probably five or six years. I just today wondered if there was an LJ community for this and I'm not real surprised that there is (which is good!).

I have a question to pose to those of you that suffer these things as well. The other day I had what felt like a night terror, only didn't really follow the normal patterns I see which I get. I had that terrible frightened feeling I always get, but instead of having a bad experience, it was actually good, kind of. There was this weird electric feeling, but instead of being scared, per se, I felt... protected, for lack of a better word. Instead of the big black void (explanation in next paragraph), everything around me seemed to be bright, like something was giving off bright white light. Then I felt like it swallowed me up, and just... wrapped me in something that just made me feel safe.

Normally when I get night terrors, I see this huge black void that seems blacker than black, and I always feel like it's going to just swallow me up. I can't move, and I can't scream, which is what I really want to do. I can barely breathe. I just have to suffer through it, and then I don't even want to try and go back to sleep.

But this last thing ,while terrifying, was also kind of nice. I suppose it was terrifying because I still had the inability to move or scream/speak, and was barely breathing... But overall, I'd take this thing over one of my normal night terrors any day. It didn't leave me feeling scared and frightened, and I went back to sleep just fine after waking up from it (not right away, but eventually).

I did some looking on the internet, albeit not a lot, and didn't really find anything out about experiences like that.

Is it just a less terrible night terror, or is it something else?

I tried to explain it to the girlfriend, but she mostly just laughed at it. I don't mind that so much, I guess, but it seemed important to me and she just shrugged it off as goofy.

Maybe she doesn't get exactly how terrifying these things are to me. Right now, when I'm awake, I know they aren't real. There's not really some Evil black void that is trying to suck me into itself. When I'm having them, I can't tell that, and it scares me to death. So I thought the best thing to do would be to get input from people that experience these things themselves, see if anyone has had this kind of experience.

I'm glad to have found a community where I can share this without feeling like I'm opening myself up for someone to make fun of me.

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SLEEP I HATE IT OFFICIALLY! [04 Jun 2007|07:40am]

[ mood | angry ]

OK, I hate sleep officially... it's make my life a complete living hell and yet without it I am so ill (screws my epilepsy up).  Have been on nearly all te drugs they can offer, tried to sort out underlying issues, but how can you possibly sort out things you don't know about. Last night I have woken bout 6 times in the night from everything from the past to losing the plot with my sis. Iwant a night without interuption, without crying and with a feeling it was worthwhile.  I have had some sort of nightmare solidly every night for 2 years tommorow with the exception of night I have been in intensive care for other health.  Bloody Pathetic!!! I want out of this NOW and not sure what else to do... I HAVE HAD ENOUGH and thought you guys may just understand. I don't know what else to do but this can't go on. HELP is what I shout but noone seems to listen anymore.  Forget heaven and hell... I've found hell and noone seems to care.

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Sleepless nights [06 Jan 2007|11:30pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Ok, my nightmare flashback style dreams are taking a turn for the worse.  The ones in which I flee around the floor of the room in a ball screaming is not good and despite seeing sleep psycho woman this is not helping whatsoever.  For the first time ever I am now officially terrified of going to sleep; ok so i may have been scared for the last few months but now I have got to the point of admittance.

Is anyone else actually scared of sleeping because of their night terrors/nightmare.

Closethepiano x

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