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Sleepless nights

Ok, my nightmare flashback style dreams are taking a turn for the worse.  The ones in which I flee around the floor of the room in a ball screaming is not good and despite seeing sleep psycho woman this is not helping whatsoever.  For the first time ever I am now officially terrified of going to sleep; ok so i may have been scared for the last few months but now I have got to the point of admittance.

Is anyone else actually scared of sleeping because of their night terrors/nightmare.

Closethepiano x
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I can't say that i am scared of

When it all started happening in the beginning i was deathly afraid of sleeping. Untill i really understood what they were. Once i understood, i didnt't fear it as much. Its always there, cause you know the feelings you get from them. But it does get easier. Or it did for me anyways.
yes--sometimes I am actually afraid of sleeping.

mostly it involves something similar--like what you are going through--ongoing night terrors/flashbacks...

I use meds to get me through the night when it is really bad though--it is the only way I have to get through, and even it is not reliable to get me all the way through...

when you say admittance--do you mean admitting about the nightmares or admitting yourself somewhere?

I really hope it gets better...
Admitting means admitting about the nightmares not into hospital... have done the whole sleep clinic thing so don't need to do it again!

Thanks for everyone getting back to me. Makes me feel not so mad when I hear other people going through similar experiences.

I'm new here and this will be my first comment. I used to be afraid to go to sleep. I had the same problem you're having - albeit to a lesser extent, probably four or so years ago.

I used to have terrible nightmares, most of them recurring, every night. This went on for months. I didn't try to do anything about it, though. I probably should have, but I hate going to the doctor, and I hate medicine, so I put up with it. I didn't really share with anyone about them, save to say I had them.

They were violent, messy, full of death, and usually involved members of my family. They went on and on, and eventually, I started waking up and not remembering anything. It was like I'd go to sleep for what felt like ten, fifteen minutes, and then my alarm would go off, and it had really been five hours, telling me it was time to get up.

For probably three years, I didn't remember any dreams at all, save for night terrors (that sucks, but at least I don't get them more than once every two weeks or so). And a year or so ago, I started remembering some of my dreams in vivid detail, and as far as I know, I don't have many nightmares any more.

I can't imagine dreams like that going on for years. If you're able to put up with it at all, that's saying something. You've got to be a pretty strong person do deal with that.

I hope it gets better. Nobody should have to deal with that.
Thank you for saying that and sharing yur experience.I feel such a weakling in the fact I can't get rid of them.How did you manage to rid of yours out of interest? closethepiano x
To be honest, I don't know. I just stopped remembering them. Or anything when I was asleep, for that matter. If I suddenly woke up, I wouldn't know why. I suppose it was my brain's way of dealing with something that bad, or at least that's what I suspect. I've always been a pretty drawn in person, and I've always just kind of dealt with everything on my own. Never been much of a talker, even.

But it's good to find someplace like this for people to converse about this stuff.