closethepiano (closethepiano) wrote in nightterrors,


OK, I hate sleep officially... it's make my life a complete living hell and yet without it I am so ill (screws my epilepsy up).  Have been on nearly all te drugs they can offer, tried to sort out underlying issues, but how can you possibly sort out things you don't know about. Last night I have woken bout 6 times in the night from everything from the past to losing the plot with my sis. Iwant a night without interuption, without crying and with a feeling it was worthwhile.  I have had some sort of nightmare solidly every night for 2 years tommorow with the exception of night I have been in intensive care for other health.  Bloody Pathetic!!! I want out of this NOW and not sure what else to do... I HAVE HAD ENOUGH and thought you guys may just understand. I don't know what else to do but this can't go on. HELP is what I shout but noone seems to listen anymore.  Forget heaven and hell... I've found hell and noone seems to care.

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