melissa melody (gogetcokes) wrote in nightterrors,
melissa melody

hello there.

I'm Melissa, 19 years old. 
I'm not exactly sure if what's happening to me are night terrors or what, so maybe you guys could tell me what you think.

At least every week for the past couple of months, I'd say at least since summer, I've been having these nightmares. Not nightmares, really, because I'm like half awake when they happen. Like I'm asleep and I open my eyes for no reason and I see this thing coming down on me.

I dream that a spider is gliding down it's web towards my face/chest to bite me and crawl on me...Sometimes it's huge, sometimes small, sometimes black and one time a huge wet white one. It's so scary.
They are really terrifying because I think it's real and I literally jump off my bed run out of my room screaming and I start batting myself everywhere and shaking my hair to get it out and my mom comes out of my room and I make her check my bed, but we have never found a spider. I rarely believe nothing is there and several times I've went to sleep in another room because I was so convinced something was there..
But it's like everytime I'm NOT sleeping I see a spider and I kill it. It'll be dark in my room, lights off watching a movie and I'll see a spider crawling stealthily across a heap of laundry..just a sillouhette. And I kill it or I scream for my mom. I was never afraid of spiders until I started dreaming about them, in fact I was the person people yelled for when there was a spider, cause they didn't freak me out at all. 
If these are night terrors what should I do?? I've read a little bit about changing your diet and stuff but I'm not sure...and I really don't want to have to take any pills because I already take a lot for my PCOS.
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