Amanda (miss_mandy) wrote in nightterrors,

I almost had a heart attack last night.

I was just lying there (with my bedside lamp on) when I suddenly felt this ominous presence in my room. I saw something dart around the side of my bed and I freaked out. I bolted upright, ran out of my room and into my parents' bedroom and turned on their light.

I remember getting up and sort of remember running down the hall, but I don't remember opening my own door or turning on the light in my parents' bedroom. I just remember standing there and the light was on and my mom was already getting out of bed and I was thinking "They're already awake?"

My dad was pretty annoyed and my mom walked me back to my room and asked me what I saw. "A girl," I said, pointing to the side of my bed, "She came around that way", but I didn't really see a girl, I only felt it. I didn't really see anything, I just had this sense that it was a girl and then of course the blinding panic.

My mom checked my room for me even though I knew by now that there was nothing there and that's when I suddenly realized my heart was pounding in my chest, going a mile a minute. It was insane.

Before I went back to bed I took down this picture of flowers hanging up in my room because I remembered that I looked at it while I was half asleep and I saw myself sleeping in it and two people staring at me from above. (Not like an actual image, but composed of the silvery flower bits in the picture)

I also kept getting a strange feeling every time I looked over at the metal part sticking up on the top of my lampshade. It was quite unsettling.
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