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I've only had two night terrors so far, but I am really worried about hurting myself.  The first one occured last year, but I still remember it vividly. I 'woke up' in a state of terror, convinced there was a black object in my bed. It was just this overwhelming feeling of malevolence; this creepy, evil thing.  I tore apart my bed looking for the object but couldn't find it. I remember thinking that I wasn't really awake, but I couldn't control myself, I HAD to find it.  As I stood by the bed my heart started beating dangerously fast. I could feel every pulse throughout my body. My last thought was "I'm about to die."
When I came to I was very disoriented and still terrified, and I truly thought I was dead. It was the strangest sensation. I was lying on the floor in front of the door on the other side of the room sweating madly, trying to figure out what happened. My heartbeat still felt shaky. After some research I came to believe it was a night terror.
The one last night was different in that I don't remember as much. I vaguely remember being in a panic, thinking there were people in my closet. I could see into the closet, it looked like a black void, and there were several men standing in the shadows. I couldn't see there faces at all, just the neck down. All I knew was that they were evil.  I don't remember what happened after that, but I woke up on my back on the living room floor with the taste of blood in my mouth. I'm now assuming I fled from my room and tripped over the little doggie gate that's in the doorway. My knee and chin hurt really bad, so I probably tried to break my fall. My lower teeth sliced into my upper lip. It hurts so much I don't think I'll be able to eat or talk much today. I didn't get much sleep after that. It left me feeling scared and exhausted.
My worst fear is that I'll harm myself more seriously, or even hurt one of my pets. I really hope this is just a once a year thing. I feel terrible for all of you have to experience this night after night. I wish there was a way to be rid of it.
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