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Hi. I guess the first thing to do is say I am new to this and really I have only spoken about my night terrors with a couple people throughout my life. I’m a 29 yr old male and I have been dealing with night terrors since I was about 5 or so. Perhaps longer but that is really when I remember dealing with them. My current girlfriend is a psych nurse and it was she who led me to this site. She is honestly the most amazing woman I have ever met and she has done so much for me since we have been together. That being said she also suffers from bipolar disorder type II. So basically we have a general concept that we try to keep between us: one person at a time with their hand in the crazy cookie jar. If we try to put both of our hands in then we are bound to get stuck. Obviously we can’t plan when her bipolar will become an issue or when my night terrors will increase in frequency, but we always try to be there for each other and take turns leaning on each other for support. Right now is one of those times where we both are fighting to get our hands out the jar. So, she thought it might help if I get things out with those who understand what I deal with.

I have always known a couple triggers of mine that greatly increase my chances for a night terror. Namely the two biggest are heat and sleeping by myself. When sleeping, I now have an industrial fan, ac, and light blankets to help deal with any heat issues. Sometimes this is not enough and when I am alone I tend to have very bad terrors. I also have been known to both talk and walk in my sleep but apparently I will not or can not open doors in my sleep so I tend to stay contained. A lot of my terrors are without a lot of information and I wake in panic with my heart racing, my nerves are shot, my hands shake and I am filled with a need to run and flee or hide somewhere. Every now and then it is more like a nightmare where I remember what the general focus of my panic and deep feelings of depression are.

It is VERY important to start learning what triggers you have. This website www.nightterrors.org has a lot of good information and I advice everyone go check it out.
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