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Walking Through Night Terrors

So I had this nightmare a few months ago, I was walking with a friend back home from what looked like an expanded version of the back of elementary school down the street from where I live. We were walking over the jagged rocks and over to the left there was a guy  named Nick Dieugenio who goes to my old high school. He looks at us with his lime green binder in hand (just like at school) and waves. We wave back, politely, and all of a sudden we see some guys up ahead. A few were wearing the parka's that the aquatic team players, like myself, wear at my old highschool. They all turned around after talking to look at us. We were about 30-40 ft. away from them. One of the guys in the parka's had the hood on and just looked up in this sick twisted way and smiled as if he were about to rape us. Then, they pull out duct-tape. I quickly got a terrible feeling in my gut that just screamed, RUN or you will be raped, and murdered by these people you've known for years. Suddenly, my friend [a girl, though I'm not sure who] gets tackled into the lake next to us [which isn't really behind the school in RL.] I guess she was talking to one of them and I hadn't noticed. They didn't emerge after that.
So I start to run the opposite direction and once they get to me, my last thought was,"I wonder if  Nick knew and was just waiting for it to happen." Then...I wake up and I have the same disgusted, sick, nervous, terrible feeling in my gut that was still screaming at me to get up and run.

Well recently I've had two dreams which were the beginning and the middle to that dream. The beginning was I was getting chased by my friend, Summer, and a bunch of her stupid bro friends [she's stupid.] . Anyway, I ended up hiding in my cabinets and killing them all. They were after my family, me and one of my friends that were with me. Then when I got to Summer, it took me like 7 tries to break her neck. (In the dream it had something to do with asians that their necks are harder to break then other race's or something weird like that.) I had started running out of my house toward the school with my friend. Then I woke up. It was disgusting watching me kill all of those people and then vividly BREAKING her neck...I was quite jolted and sweaty and shaky when I woke up.

Then a few nights later I had the middle part. I walked past Nick going up with a friend who was with me that night and in the other dream, I was climbing rocks and dirt hills behind the school and came across this cave like area. [which also isn't possible with the back of the school in RL it's just a dried up lake bed with hills...anyway...] I had just put in a t.v.,  my dressor, and my bed. I took refuge in there for quite some time and my friend stayed with me most of the time. We finally decided to come out of hiding and leave our little, beautiful camp. By then beautiful trees and plants had grown and there were flowers everywhere beyond the dirt and muck. I felt completely wrong with leaving and needed to be coaxed into leaving by my friend...then I wake up with the same feeling.

I've never experienced three dreams that all connect in any way before, it's just so wierd and It's hard for me to even get my head around the fact that all of them were equally horrifying in different ways. Now the middle one wasn't that bad but it was just weird. Has anyone else had dreams that link like this before? I didn't realize it until I decided to write my dreams down one day then after writing this one down I stopped.

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